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Photo of the phrase, "What Comes After Plan B?" written on a board with a faded picture of a man in a suit coat in the background.

Best Laid Plans

November 10, 2018 /

A funny thing about plans, they never seem to work the way they were supposed to. How often have you thought, “Today I am going to get THIS JOB accomplished.” Then a child gets sick, the phone rings, your spouse yells from the bathroom that you forgot to buy toilet paper, so off you go…

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Lynyrd Skynyrd

Hopefully It Was a Farewell Tour

August 26, 2018 /

I think I have reached that point in life where being in the middle of 25,000 falling-down drunk rednecks listen to an even drunker has-been country singer cuss and spit on himself while trying to convince the audience that he is still cool and relevant is not so much fun any more.

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Why Can’t We Agree To Disagree Any More?

August 8, 2018 /

The other day I was on Twitter and was just overwhelmed by all the discord, hatred, and lack of logic. So I just started tweeting some thoughts. I’ve put them together in this post. I honestly can not figure out why any free speech demands only seem to apply to the party calling for free…

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