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Following Jesus

On Being Interviewed on the Hallway Chats Podcast

Photo of me, Paul Oyler, along side the title of this blog - "The Curious Life and Times of Paul Timmy".

I recently had the honor of being interviewed for the Hallways Chats podcast. It was fun talking with Tara and Liam, but I didn’t feel especially good about it afterward. I felt that I kind of stumbled around a bit and I was pretty sure I had said a couple of things wrong. Most importantly to me, I felt like there were a couple of times that I basically apologized for being a Christian and a follower of Jesus.

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Best Laid Plans

Photo of the phrase, "What Comes After Plan B?" written on a board with a faded picture of a man in a suit coat in the background.

A funny thing about plans, they never seem to work the way they were supposed to. How often have you thought, “Today I am going to get THIS JOB accomplished.” Then a child gets sick, the phone rings, your spouse yells from the bathroom that you forgot to buy toilet paper, so off you go…

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