Happily Married Man

I was browsing through some old Christian music the other night, the kind they used to call “Jesus Music” back in the 70s. While doing so, I came across a song that I’d actually forgotten about by a group called Daniel Amos. The song is “Happily Married Man” and it reminded me of just how blessed and fortunate I am to BE a Happily Married Man.

I am married to the very best and perfect wife for me. We both have the same sort of weird humor that most of our friends and family get, but many people who don’t know us, don’t get. We both love to laugh, a lot!

We understand each other’s love language and do our absolute best to speak that language to each other. We are so often on the same “wave-length” that when we are watching a show or movie together and see something that seems somehow wrong or weird, we both say the say thing at the same time. And that cracks us up.

There are things that we each like that the other doesn’t, and that is perfectly fine. We don’t NEED to like the same things, and we both realize how important it is to also have our own interests in things like movies, TV shows, music, books, sports, hobbies. And even in that, we support each other. I mean, come on, Debbie has gone with me to see a Grateful Dead movie and a Grateful Dead band. How many people who have known her long enough would have EVER expected that? Of course, my music taste is so diversely eclectic that anything she would want to hear is perfectly fine. And that is part of my weirdness that she is happy with.

We have both reached the point in our life that going out to concerts or even movies, or pretty much anywhere, doesn’t have an appeal to us any longer. We are both perfectly content to stay home and enjoy just BEING with each other.

Our life experiences in our past so mirror each other that we know that was part of why God brought us together. We both know grief and sorrow, and how to comfort each other and to allow each to grieve when we need to. We both understand how a certain memory can trigger a reaction, and we can grieve and cry together because our love unites us in that grief; we both experience it together, with each other.

But of course, the greatest thing that guarantees that I am a Happily Married Man is that we both love God, we both have our identity in Jesus, and we both need the daily filling of the Holy Spirit to lead us through each day. We keep our marriage, and our lives focused on Jesus and not on other things or people. It is always Jesus first, and then each other.

And that is why I am a Happily Married Man!

4 thoughts on “Happily Married Man”

  1. When I first heard about you, it was during the phone call when Debbie told me about your wedding. I asked her if she was pregnant! Lol! Understandably, I had concerns. But I have known Debbie a long time and ultimately trust her to know what is right. Actually, that is one of her superpowers. Lovely post, Paul Timmy. I am so happy you are together.

  2. I love, Love, LOVE you guys! What you wrote summarizes what I see in yours and Debbie’s life together! Paul, I only knew you on the surface before your married your bride. I know God is so good in allowing me to know you deeper AND not only did he bring Debbie into your life, but I am so blessed that He put her in my life as well! I love you guys! Keep writing, brother! ❤️

    1. What, are we GREEN BEANS or something???
      We love you and are likewise so grateful that God crafted our friendship.

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