Why Can’t We Agree To Disagree Any More?

The other day I was on Twitter and was just overwhelmed by all the discord, hatred, and lack of logic. So I just started tweeting some thoughts. I’ve put them together in this post.

I honestly can not figure out why any free speech demands only seem to apply to the party calling for free speech. If someone has a differing belief, that is somehow not allowed or is hatred or bigotry. This applies to any kind of argument or divide, for either side.

Have we totally forsaken logic & civil debate and gone to demanding my way or the highway? I see this on every side of political debates, religious debates, coding debates, software debates, and on and on.

I’m starting to think social media has destroyed logic and clear thinking.

Social media seems to have become a leading cause of stress. I know it is for me. I don’t fit in someones neat little box. I have friends and embrace ideas from many different viewpoints. Because I like X doesn’t mean that I hate Y. And vice-versa.

Why can’t we all just get along? If we all thought exactly the same way, what a boring world this would be. If we didn’t embrace people with different views, we’d never have reason to examine and grow our own views.

Maybe this is totally idealistic and naive, but let’s drop hate and self-righteous anger.

I surround myself with friends from many political and religious views, and I’m the better for it.

I even have friends on both sides of the WordPress Guttenberg debate – gasp!

Stop hating

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