Remembering my Mom

This post was originally posted on my Oyler Creative business website blog on January 18, 2017. I am moving all of those personal blog posts over to this site to keep the Oyler Creative website completely business-related.

Yesterday marked the three-year anniversary of my Mom going home to be with the Lord. I was going to write an in-depth post on here, remembering her and some of the things that stand out in my memory, and I will probably still do that someday.

But yesterday wasn’t that day. My eyes got leaky every time I tried to write something, so in the end, I just wrote a couple of paragraphs for social media.

I’m going to copy that post below, and after that, I am going to add some photos.

I’d also invite you to share any thoughts or memories of my mom, Audrey Kolb Oyler Dubois, that you may have.

3 years ago today my sweet Mama graduated to her final reward. I miss her so much. There are still things that happen where my first thought is, ” oh, I need to call Mom and tell her about this.” And then reality settles in.

I know it is also very hard on my Pops, Robert Dubois. He loved my Mom more than I thought was possible. For the last several years of her life be devoted himself 100% to her care and well-being. They were true soul mates in serving the Lord with their prison outreach ministry.

One thing my Mom would be so happy and proud of is the relationship that has grown deep between Pops and myself. That relationship had been rocky at best through the years, but now I can honestly say I love my Pops with all my heart. Mom would be thrilled.

Three years on and our love for the amazing Audrey K. Dubois is as strong as ever.

Love you, Mom!

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