Smashing Barriers, Setting Goals

Last week I shared on social media that I had broken through one of my major weight loss goal barriers – I smashed the 100-pounds-lost wall! I have to admit, that felt really good!

Progress scale marking 102 pounds lost.

Since I was at my absolute worst weight of 425 pounds in 2009, I had never been able to lose 100 pounds in a concerted and continuous effort. I came close a couple of times but always had a major relapse and gained some back. And as I mentioned in my first post about my struggle with weight, I never did break through the 300-pound-barrier either.

Last week, in my post about walking in a 5k, I noted that on May 10 I finally crashed through that particular barrier. And now I have accomplished this next major goal. And since that low point in 2009, I have lost a total of 164 pounds.

I really wasn’t expecting it last week. I felt that I was at somewhat of a plateau, and I had thought it would be at least another week or two before I would see that elusive 100 pounds in my rearview mirror. I’ll tell you what, that was a major morale – and confidence – booster when I really needed it. I’ve attacked my walking with a little more energy this week. My vigilance on what I’m eating is heightened. And I just plain feel good!

My Beautiful Daughter, Erin, is getting married in December and I had promised her that I would lose 100 pounds before her wedding. Goal met, promise kept! Of course, now I have to set a new goal, so for now, I am setting that goal at 125 pounds lost. (But I’m kind of hoping I have to adjust it again!)

In other news, this Saturday, September 4 (WHAT??? How is it September already???) is the Walk For Hope 5k, which is the second 5k that I’ll be participating in. If you are in the Pittsburgh area and can come out to North Park on Saturday, it would be excellent to walk with you!

“This event welcomes any and all to participate in a fun, family-friendly race! Both walkers and runners are welcome. All proceeds from this year’s event will go toward Network of Hope’s three regional food banks, which strive to help end hunger and food insecurity needs here in Pittsburgh by serving nearly 10,000 individuals per year!” Walk For Hope 5k

Going back to the subject of goals for a moment, I’m reading a Rick Warren 365-day devotional as part of my morning time with God, and earlier this week I read this:

Is it really okay to pray for success? Yes! If you aren’t praying for success, what’s the alternative? Are you going to pray for God to make you a failure?

So my question to you today is this: Are you praying about your goals? Are you praying about your future? Are you praying about your dreams or are you just kind of keeping them to yourself?

Your prayers reveal a couple of things. First, they reveal how serious you are about your goals. If you don’t pray about them, you really don’t care about them that much. If you only pray about them once, they are not a desire, they are just a whim.

The other thing your prayers reveal is how much you are depending on God to reach your goals. If you never pray about your goals, never pray about your job, never pray about your finances, you are not depending on God in any of those areas. The more you depend on God, the more you’ll pray.

I pray about my goals every day:
My goal to lose weight.
My specific goal to lose a certain amount of pounds in a defined time space.
My goal to be the best husband that I can possibly be to my Beautiful Wife.
My goal to be the best Father and the best Pappy that I can be today.
My goal to be a consistent writer.

But my number one goal, my mission in life, is to glorify God in everything that I do and all that I am. As 1 Corinthians 10:31 states, “So whether you eat or drink, or whatever you do, do it all for the glory of God.” That’s it. That is my mission. God has assigned that mission to me (and to all followers of Jesus) and I have chosen to accept that mission.

Grace and peace, y’all!

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